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Study abroad in Hong Kong

Why Study in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong's has become an international higher education hub, thanks to its high-performing universities, world-class research, and attractive lifestyle. Factors attracting global student body are :

World Class Education

Hong Kong has developed as a regional education hub with world-class universities and quality institutions through diversification and internationalisation.

Universities’ performance is outstanding amidst its population and GDP compared with other developed countries and regions. Taking territorial area into account, it has most densely located world-class universities than any other place in the world.

Of the 17 local degree-awarding institutions in Hong Kong, three are ranked in the world’s top 50 and Asia’s top 10.  According to Financial Times surveys in 2013, Hong Kong universities also host some of the world’s best business administration and executive business management programmes.

Research Opportunities

Hong Kong institutions strive for excellence in conducting world-class quality research. They have also emphasized inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration in research activities so as to create synergy and maximize available resources.

The Hong Kong SAR Government established the Research Endowment Fund in 2008. With a total endowment value of HK$23 billion, it provides a stable source of funding for research conducted by the tertiary education sector in Hong Kong.

Student Visa and Work Permits

 Restrictions of entry visas have been relaxed in recent years, and permission has been given to non-local graduates to stay in Hong Kong for employment. Graduates can stay for one year to find a job. There is no quota for recruitment of international graduate students, especially PhD students.”

Medium of Instructions 

A major factor in Hong Kong’s success in attracting international students is the proportion of courses taught in English, still the world’s lingua franca. But studying in Hong Kong will also give you a good chance to become acquainted with Chinese languages, which will be more and more sought after in years to come, in both the East and West.

East meets West

"Hong Kong is an international financial centre in which many multinational financial institutions have set up operations. It is also the premier trading hub between mainland China and the rest of the world. There are tremendous career opportunities in Hong Kong."

One of the major draws of Hong Kong, aside from its strength in higher education, is the heady mixture of Eastern and Western influences – the latter stemming from the years it spend as a British territory. Next door to the towering skyscrapers, which symbolize the city, you’ll find no shortage ancient Chinese architecture and colonial-era fortifications.



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